Easy in 3 steps. Build and deploy apps anywhere


Connect your repository

NativeCI detects the changes to push to git and triggers automated deploys.

Git Push

Set your build settings

NativeCI provides you a powerful and totally customizable build environment.


Deploy your app

Publish as many times as you want with many features to customise the runtime.

App is Live

Powerful set of features

All of the features come in with every project for free.

  • SSH into your app. SSH into your app and debug if something is wrong.

  • Real-time logs. Stream logs directly from your application as requests come in.

  • Real-time monitoring. CPU, RAM and more metrics coming soon.

Explore the features

More features are bundled with each project and more on the way.

Automatic SSL provisioning

Every your project gets a unique URL, which you can access it with. SSL provisioning is managed for you.

Immediate builds

Every commit is watched and triggers a build and deployment of the application.

Manual build

Trigger manual build any time you want.

Control the application

Start, stop or restart application if you suspect any issues.

CPU/RAM control

Provide more resources to your application as you scale.

Managed databases (Alpha)

Deploy fully managed database for your application.

Storage (Coming soon)

Attach configurable storage to your application.

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